Signs of Marijuana Addiction
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Signs of Marijuana Addiction

It is important to know the signs of marijuana addiction especially if you suspect that a loved one or someone close to you is having problems due to marijuana use. There are a multitude of signs to be aware of and it is very common for people to overlook these signs and justify other reasons other than marijuana use as to why the marijuana user is failing in life and has no direction.
The degree at which the signs of marijuana addiction show themselves differ from person to person and depend on many factors such as the amount of marijuana used, the method of marijuana use (Joint, pipe, bong, food), the users experience with marijuana, the users weight, the users mood, if other drugs are also used with the marijuana, and whether it is taken alone, with other people, or at a party.  Here we will list the many signs of marijuana use and addiction.
Signs of marijuana use:
  • Dilated (large) pupils
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Sleepy appearance
  • Dry mouth
  • Inappropriate laughter
  • Social withdrawal and isolation
  • Increased appetite, craving for sweets
  • Sleepiness
  • Reduced motivation and laziness
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulty thinking
  • Impaired judgment
  • Grandiosity (acting in a pompous or boastful manner)
  • Feeling sluggish
  • Slow speech
  • Sadness/depressed mood
  • Impaired short-term memory
  • Sensation that time is passing slowly
  • Smell on clothing, in room, or in car
  • Seeds that have been cleaned from marijuana
  • Use of incense 
  • Cigarette rolling papers
  • Pipes, bongs, homemade smoking devices (you may see sticky residue from burned marijuana)

Signs of Marijuana Addiction:

  • Daily marijuana use.
  • Spending a great deal of time in activities associated to using and obtaining marijuana.
  • Continued marijuana use despite significant problems related to use (e.g., financial/legal problems or neglecting responsibilities).
  • Cutting back or stopping important social, occupational or recreational activities because of marijuana use.
  • Altered perception of reality (e.g., hallucinations, delusions and suspicious thoughts).
  • Continually craving marijuana.
  • Finding it increasingly difficult to resist using marijuana when it is available.
  • Unsuccessful attempts to control or cut down use.
  • Lying about marijuana use including frequency and intensity.

Signs of Teen Marijuana Addiction:

Signs of marijuana addiction will often show in the users behavior, especially in teens. It is important to look for depression, anxiety, carelessness with grooming, fatigue, hostility, and deteriorating relationships with family members. In addition, changes in friends, suffering academic performance, increased absenteeism or truancy, lost interest in sports or other favorite activities, and changes in eating or sleeping habits could be signs of teen marijuana addiction. However, these signs may also indicate problems with other drugs also.
People having problems with marijuana addiction are often trying to self-medicate or find escape from the issues that are really bothering them. Getting help for these people early on can possibly help avoid a dark future. Remember that if you love them, you will help them. When family, friends, and associates of a chemically dependent individual allow that individual to continue their marijuana use, they are only helping the individual to further destroy his or her life.

Signs of Marijuana Addiction
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